Hayley Williams Wears A Duct Tape Dress On The Cover Of 'The Guardian Guide'

Hayley Williams

Paramore covers this week's 'The Guardian Guide.'
Photo: via 'The Guardian Guide'

Fact: Hayley Williams can wear just about ANYTHING and make it look good. The Paramore frontwoman shops at the Target kids section, works baby bangs, flaunts Mickey Mouse tights, and now she's gracing the cover of The Guardian Guide in a duct tape dress. Ok, maaaaybe it's not QUITE the same as those taped prom dresses some girls wear to their high school proms and you can barely see it tucked under her leather jacket, but still— this Cheap Monday frock has statement tape accents splashed across the bodycon gray silhouette. The dress first debuted back in 2002, and of course, just like basically everything the singer wears, it's sold out. But who says you have to scour eBay for the real thing? Thanks to American Apparel and duct tape from your local hardware store, this is basically the easiest DIY project ever.

In the U.K. magazine, which hit newsstands last week, the singer appears with the rest of the band dressed in a leather jacket, black tights, and red Docs. With her flame-hued hair, cropped fringe, and cherry lipstick, it's almost like we're seeing an even brighter (shinier, if you will!) version of the Hayley we last spotted a couple of years ago. Maybe it's the hiatus, maybe it's the sure-to-be-insane forthcoming album, or maybe it's just the excitement that comes with returning into the lives of zillions of fans. But whatever it is, we're into it.

Check out Paramore's The Guardian Guide cover here!

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