Hayley Williams Wears Mickey Mouse Tights From Primark

Hayley Williams Paramore

Hayley Williams rocked these Mickey Mouse tights for a photoshoot last week.
Photo: Getty Images/ @HBall1988 Instagram

It's been WAY too long since we last heard from Paramore, but good news: they're baaaaack! After a three-year hiatus, the Nashville rockers have returned for an upcoming eponymous album and a major tour *Pause for screaming, confetti, and long-overdue celebration.* We've still got a while to wait— it all goes down in April— but that's OK, because we'll just keep refreshing Hayley Williams's Instagram feed until then. The band's frontwoman has been posting more outfit snaps than usual on both her personal account and the group page, showing off crazy pants, her black boot obsession, and customized Vans sneakers. Our new favorite item, though, HAS to be this pair of graphic tights that the 24-year-old snapped over the weekend, with the caption simply saying "Photoshootin'." Wait, photoshoot for WHAT? Don't keep us hanging here, Hayley...

We might not know what the shoot is for, but here's what we do know: these Mickey Mouse print tights are the perfect thing to pair with Hayley's statement cross tattoo. Thanks to a sheer background and black mouse motif, they're officially the best new way to get in on the novelty tights trend. Not to mention, an appropriate ode to Mickey, who hasn't been feeling as much love as Minnie on the runways recently. Hayley's version of the hosiery comes from the U.K. retailer Primark, and we're still searching a way to score 'em stateside (eBay? Bribing our friend studying abroad? Plane ticket? Helpppp!). So until we do, keep checking back— we have a feeling there's going to a LOT more Paramore fashion inspiration to come.

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