Adam Levine Doesn't Want 'Another Bulls*** Celebrity Fragrance'

Adam Levine Fragrance

Adam Levine in his new fragrance campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson/Macy's Facebook

It seems like forever ago since Adam Levine announced he was launching a fragrance (it's been a year, y'all!), but now the Maroon 5 frontman's two scents are officially here. He is releasing a self-titled women's and men's scent that will hit Macy’s later this month, and he ALREADY has a lot to say about it. In an interview with WWD he said, "I didn't want it to be another bulls*** celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn't believe in. At the end of the day, I can definitely say I wanted to change the perception of that. On paper, I'm not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes." Adam teamed up with the same company that created Selena Gomez's fragrance and wanted to do something "understated and elegant." So... what does it smell like? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Adam said, "I like basic fragrances. I didn't want to smell like a department store. And there's an intimacy level that you have to think about. You don’t really want someone to smell you unless they’re really close to you." Ooh la la! According to the description, the women's fragrance is a woody, floral scent with notes of spice, sandalwood, rose petals, and vanilla. The men's fragrance is a fruity mandarin, grapefruit and lemongrass scent with notes of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood. And, um, did y'all notice that both bottles resemble microphones?! Kiiiind of amazing. The fragrances will retail between $35 to $65, depending on the size, but between these fresh scents AND his new clothing line, is Mr. Levine on a quest for total world domination? "I don't have this drive to take over the world. But [as far as products go] I'd like to expand on that and offer that creatively. Yes, they're products, and, yes, you're selling something that's well-made and good, and hopefully in good taste." Are you going to buy Adam Levine's perfume? Let us know in the comments below!

{via WWD}

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