Did Harry Styles Wear His Mom's Burberry Shirt To His Birthday Party?

Harry Style burberry

Harry Styles wore a Burberry shirt this weekend.
Photo: Getty Images

He cleans up nicely in a suit and tie and rocks a preppy blazer like nobody's business, but let's be real: Harry Styles isn't the type of dude to take fashion TOO seriously. And this, among about a zillion other things, is one of the reasons why we love him. But while the One Direction singer isn't too cool to model grills and chains, would he really go so far as to snag a shirt from his mom's closet?! According to Grazia, Harry's been sharing clothes with his mom, and this is the prime example. The pop star celebrated his 19th birthday in London this weekend, sporting some perfectly-mussed hair (duh) and a heart print shirt from Burberry's Fall/Winter 2013 collection. He wore the navy and white patterned top buttoned up all the way to the collar (which means his chest ink stayed hidden) and paired it with black jeans and brown ankle boots, a more casual take on how the look was styled on the runway less than a month ago. But as for the rumor that Harry stole the shirt from his mom? We're skeptical, and here's why.

Since the shirt is from Burberry's menswear collection, it's hard to believe that Harry— who sat front row at the fashion show last September— would borrow it from his mom's closet, rather than nabbing it for himself. Although this Twitpic taken by a 1D fan does show mother and son dressed alike, it's more likely his mom was the one raiding the fashion plate's wardrobe and not vice versa. After all, sometimes the clothes on the dude runway are SO good, we want to borrow from the boys... so we don't blame her one bit.

What do you think of Harry Styles's birthday look?

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