Stylish Crooner Willy Moon On Suits, Socks, And Dressing Like A Rock Villain

Willy Moon.
Photo: Courtesy of Willy Moon.

We didn't think there were too many dudes who could pull off a formal suit with the same swagger as, say, Mark Ronson or Justin Timberlake, but now that Willy Moon has graced us (and our iPods) with his presence, let's just say there's DEFINITELY room for more than one well-dressed singer in our lives. The New Zealand-born musician first made waves back in the fall when his breakout single "Yeah Yeah" was featured in an Apple commercial, but nowadays he's gaining traction for his slick style as well as his old-meets-new rockabilly sound. This 23-year-old has killer dance moves (you've got to see it to believe it), major vocal pipes, and an onstage style that's captivated British VOGUE, our little sisters, and everyone in between. And while people have been quick to peg his onstage steez (David Bowie! James Dean! The list goes on...), Willy tells us his inspiration isn't inspired by a particular person, but an idea. "On stage I dress like a rock'n'roll villain," he said over email last week. "I love the cartoonification of characters." This animated quality can be seen in the video for "Yeah Yeah," where the singer performs front and center in a slim-cut powder blue suit and a perfectly groomed coif. "We had an enormous selection of clothes, but I ended up choosing the McQueen suit because the blue really suited the way we wanted to shoot the video," he remembers. "I've always liked 3-piece suits and hated ties so it was a perfect combination."

Willy Moon.
Photo: Via Willy Moon's Facebook.

But according to Willy, he hasn't always been a suit and tie type of guy. He started back in '08 while living in Berlin, ironically enough, to rebel against the norm. "I originally did it as a punk statement, I found that it annoyed and confused people who thought they were 'cool' and I liked that," he said. Five years later the look has officially stuck as the singer's onstage uniform, and we (ahem, along with the screaming front rows of girls at his shows) wouldn't have it any other way. Although he might rattle off McQueen, Margiela, Lanvin, and YSL as his favorite designers, Willy admits that his day-to-day necessities are sliiiightly more basic. He's about to embark on a North American tour, and the one thing he never leave home without? "Socks. That's it."

Watch Willy Moon's "Yeah Yeah" music video below, and listen to more Willy here.

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