Kanye West Sports Straitjacket, White Feather Mask At Abu Dhabi Concert

Kanye West Straitjacket Abu Dhabi

Kanye West performs in Abu Dhabi on Jan. 31.
Photo: Via @Givenchydonc's Instagram

Yo, did we time travel back to Halloween or is Kanye West officially making creepy masks his new 24/7 look? He sported a cut-out red beanie to the Maison Martin Margiela show last week, and before that he wore a blinged-out crystal-encrusted Margiela number and an all-white "Kanyeti" feather headpiece. Last night, Kanye took the stage once again, and guess what he wore, y'all? *drum roll* A MASK. Don C posted a pic of 'Ye to his Instagram (he runs in Virgil Abloh's crew), and it looks like it's the same, skull-encompassing feather number from before with one GIANT addition—a straitjacket. GULP.

'Ye wore an all-white ensemble complete with skinny jeans, an oversized T-shirt dress, and a tied-back straitjacket. There are videos of Kanye performing in this outfit circulating around the internet, and he SURPRISINGLY manages to put on a stunning performance considering, um, his entire face and body are confined in a stark white cocoon. You can't tell from the pic above, but also wore a chain so big that you could see it from the audience, which is pret-TAY killer. At one point during the show, he managed to remove the mask, and instead of just tossin' it to the side like any ol' piece of headgear, he decided to prop it up on a stick, officially taking the creepiness factor to a WHOLE other level. We can't WAIT to see what he does for his next performance, but until then, tell us what you think of Kanye's straitjacket ensemble in the comments below!

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