Happy 19th Birthday, Harry Styles! Here’s To Another Year Of Excellent Hair Days

We hope Harry Styles is having the best hair day ever.
Photo: Getty Images/GIF: Gaby Wilson

Having excellent hair at all times has become such an integral part of One Direction’s signature look that the moment the dudes let their tonsorial guard down (say by getting it wet for the “Live While We’re Young” music video), we need to pause a minute to get our bearings straight again. The most notorious head of hair in everyone’s favorite Brit-Irish boy band, though, is without a doubt Mr. Harry Styles whose expertly messy moptop can send up a waves of swooning girls in a single neck tick. Today is Harry’s 19th birthday, and in honor of the well-coiffed dude’s special day, we’re recounting his most stellar hair days from the past year.

We hope Harry Styles is having the best hair day ever.
Photo: Getty Images

There are a few things about Harry’s hair that are simultaneously perplexing and awe-inspiring. One is the fact that it’s always changing but only slightly. Sometimes it’s swooped in a downward motion across his forehead and to the right, often looking as if it just miraculously happened that way. Sometimes he takes matters into his own hands (literally), preening his bangs aside with his fingertips. Other times he wears a loose beanie, but his trademark mane always finds a way to creep out and make a statement. And then there are our favorite times: when Harry’s hair appears to be a sentient being, expressing emotions to complement whatever Harry is also feeling (the example above with the Raybans would most likely be confusion). This is just scratching the surface of Harry’s excellent hair moments from this past year, so check them all out for yourself in the slideshow below!


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