Jared Leto Poses With Elephants, Bares Chest In Primal Fashion Shoot By Warwick Saint

Newsflash: This is about to be the best Friday ever. Why, you ask? Reason 1.) We just got our hands on a bajillion Jared Leto photos. Reason 2.) He's posing with elephants in them. Reason 3.) We get to peep his chesticles. A lot. Reason 4.) He wears a skirt. Reason 5.) He gets rulllll dirty. This week, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman posted pics of his safari adventure to his website in a 3-part series with, um, basically no explanation. All we DO know is that these were shot by iconic fashion photographer Warwick Saint and, most likely, were taken in his hometown of South Africa. In this first photo (above), Jared sported a burlap apron (skirt?) under a hunter green V-neck sweater and super relaxed jeans. He smized through his shaggy brown strands and WERKED that elephant trunk like it's a million-dollar accessory.

Gulp. Apparently the wind has picked up so much speed it blew his chambray shirt RIGHT open to expose his chest, and he has to grab onto an elephant tusk to hold his ground. (Wind, girl, love you so much right now.)

In another shot, Jared goes for the classic "forlorn fashion model" shot in a roughed-up hoodie, distressed jeans, and rubber boots. But, even amongst the sticks and stones, we do see a touch of Jared's badass style thanks to his bold red studded belt. WERK DAT STICK, JARED.

Jared decided to switch up his top with a classic white button-up before he goes on a stroll through the tall grass with an elephant. Obvi he began to sweat, so he had to unbutton part of his shirt. He's not just, you know, showing off his pec muscles because he can.

In a surprising turn of events, Jared switched up his boots with (what looks like) some oversized, low top Nike Dunks. Yeah, we have... no possible explanation for this one. Sorry.

Finally, a close-up shot to show all that DIRTY, GRITTY, MANLY safari-adventuring he has done while still maintaining fantastic stubble and well-groomed eyebrows. Good job, Jared. Good. Job. *golf claps*

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