Chloe Grace Moretz Does Tough Girl Chic Right On The Cover Of 'Teen Vogue'

Chloe Grace Moretz on the cover of 'Teen Vogue'.
Photo: Teen Vogue

Chloe Grace Moretz has been on a roll lately fashion-wise, and we don't just mean on the red carpet. Between showing off her amazing nail art and contributing a Fashion Week diary to The New York Times, the almost-16-year-old (her birthday is on February 10th) movie star is one of the youngest fashionistas on our radar right now. However, though she may be young, she is not a total newcomer to the fashion game-this little lady started her love affair with Chanel last year, at the not-so-ripe old age of 14. Her latest foray into the world of fashion comes to us in the form of the March Teen Vogue cover, on which Moretz is looking both older than her 15 years and totally age appropriate in minimal makeup, a denim vest and tons of silver chains.

Our favorite part of the cover, though, would have to be that little wisp of pink tulle sticking out of the bottom of Chloe's vest. Is that a tutu we see? It absolutely is, and it's awesome.

Chloe Grace Moretz in 'Teen Vogue'.
Photo: Teen Vogue

The inside of the spread continues the amazing combo of girly and rock and roll, with Moretz mixing leather and lace, and looking totally killer throughout. You can see the full spread on