Top Style Bloggers Of The Week: Floppy Hats

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Alana Ruas, Heliely Bermudez and Jennifer W.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

There's a reason why A-listers, "It" girls, and everyone in between are and always will be obsessed with the floppy hat: it just looks GOOD. From Brigitte Bardot to Elizabeth Olsen to Alexa Chung, these felt toppers remain a closet mainstay because they're stylish, functional, and the secret weapon for getting out of the house sans makeup and with unbrushed hair. And unlike most of the stuff currently taking up space in our wardrobes, you can wear a floppy hat all year round! So grab inspiration from these three style bloggers and get ready to take cover—literally—in the cutest way possible.

Alana of Alana Raus

Blog: Twitter: @alanaruasblog.

24-year-old Brazilian student Alana Raus has perfected the head-to-toe neutral look in shades of tan, beige, and pink. We're loving the classic combination of high-waisted shorts and a sheer blouse, and her oversized cardigan adds a dash of unexpected proportion. But the item that REALLY takes this outfit to the next level is her playful boho hat, which perfectly complements the rest of the nude-toned ensemble. Who says matchy-matchy has to be a bad thing?

Heliely of Heliely B.


Grab a pen and paper, guys! SoCal blogger Heliely is schooling us all on the art of rainy day dressing. She's combined three closet essentials—a utilitarian jacket, a printed dress, and some black knee socks—and paired them with an H&M topper for a result that's SO quirky-cute, we'd actually wear this outfit everyday. Well done!

Jennifer of Art In Our Blood

Blog: Twitter: @artinourblood.

This gorge shot of 17-year-old Jennifer looks almost like it's ripped straight from a fashion magazine; the styling is perfect, her coolness radiates from the screen, and she's EVEN got the slightly windblown look down. Major props for that! The California highschooler paired her black H&M topper with a vintage crochet top and floral skirt for a free-spirited look that's simultaneously chic.


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