Beyonce Releases New "Countdown To Touchdown" Super Bowl Rehearsal Video

Beyonce getting silly at her halftime show rehearsal.
Photo: Beyonce's Tumblr

While it doesn't give us many (or any, really) clues about what Beyonce is going to wear for her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance, her newly released "Countdown To Touchdown" rehearsal video certainly gives us some info about her rehearsal style, and also about what we can expect from her on Sunday. With a grip of dancers and some typically-Bey-mazing (yeah, we went there, what?) choreography, we pretty much can't actually wrap our heads around what's about to go down in four short days. While we bugged out over Bey's "Can I Live" sweatshirt and her hometown pride Brooklyn Nets tee from Junk Food (both of which are currently available for pre-order), in this video her look is much more toned down. Beyonce is rehearsing in a black on black on black leggings, tee, and beanie combo, and switches between a pair of black uggs and more performance-ready heels throughout. While this is reassuringly similar to the look we're regularly rocking at yoga class, Bey still manages to make the simple outfit look way more awesome than we will ever look. In anything. Ever. Sigh. Also according to the video this is just DAY ONE of rehearsals. Does that mean we have more of these to come? Watch the first video after the jump, and get inspired to amp up your own athletic style!

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