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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell circa 1990.
Photo: Getty Images

Even if that delightfully unseasonal weather has you all "spring forward," this week we're uncovering some gems from yesteryear.

+Naomi Campbell reminds us that actual supermodels, not celebrities, used to dominate the covers of fashion mags (think: House of Style era). It's apparently time to restore some order.

{via Coco Perez}

+From Grace Farady to Bonnie Parker, these are the most glamorous (fictional) gangster girlfriends that pillage can buy!

{via Racked}

+Did you know that until the early 18th century, high heels were a DUDE's fashion? Lolz.

{via Jezebel}

+With two clothing lines to her name, Lauren Conrad tells us how she really feels about those denim capris from her Laguna Beach days.

{via Fashionista}

+Once upon a time, Coco Chanel met the diamond and, casually, redefined the world's most precious gem. What have YOU done today?

{via Refinery 29}

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