Would You Wear This Autumn/Winter Sweater Chair?

Sweater Chair

Aga Brzostek's Autumn/Winter sweater chair.
Photo: De Zeen

I realize that this weekly "Would You Wear This?" platform often has me perching atop a maribou-covered soapbox, whining about how this new pair of shoes or pants or — erm — eyelash jewelry is confusing to me and makes me #sadface. This Wednesday, however, is not one of those days. Even though I'm asking you if you'd wear this Autumn/Winter sweater chair by Aga Brzostek, I'm really just here to tell you that I think this thing is amazing and that I need it in my life, PRONTO.

"Wear" isn't really a verb that's commonly used with furniture, but according to De Zeen magazine, designer Brzostek used her experience working in fashion as foundation for this sweater chair. She named the piece after the Autumn/Winter runway season, and the chair's cover, in turn, is modeled after a gigantic, thick knit sweater! We ask if you'd wear it, though, because Brzostek has BRILLIANTLY designed this chair with an integral blanket for swaddling yourself while reading (there's even a pocket for magazines on the side!) or sipping coffee or napping. And when your roommates like to keep the heater on low to save money on utilities, this looks mighty appealing. What do you think?

{via De Zeen Magazine}

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