Rihanna's Terry Richardson Shot 'Rolling Stone' Cover Revealed!

Rihanna on the cover of Rolling Stone.
Photo: Rolling Stone/Terry Richardson

I bet when Rihanna and Terry Richardson get together they have quite a time. Can you imagine? I bet they make a lot of dirty jokes. It's probably raunchy and amazing. Last week, we presented you with a mystery: what magazine cover was Rihanna shooting with Terry Richardson on January 21st? Terry posted a photo of himself with the singer on his Instagram, and just days before, Rihanna tweeted about shooting a new cover. The possibilities are endless for these two, though (both being on top of the world and all) so we were left with little but speculation and a vague hope that maybe this had something to do with her River Island line. An ad campaign? Something entirely new? Probably a magazine shoot, though, we thought. Well, as of midnight today, all has been revealed: Rihanna was shooting the cover of Rolling Stone that fateful day, and the results of the shoot have been revealed in all their glory. While we're a little disappointed that Ri isn't wearing that throwback polo bucket hat from Terry's candid snap, her beauty game is so on point that we can't really be mad. (When can we ever be mad at Rihanna? Never. Not even when she held us captive, it's insane.) Looking directly into the camera, Rihanna is bronzed to perfection with pale pink lips and thick lashes. This cover is all about how wildly gorgeous the pop star is, something that has been much remarked upon but is easy to forget amidst the outfit changes, new singles, and various and sundry other news. She. Is. Insanely. Beautiful. I personally kind of don't think she's human. You know what else is incredible about this cover? Her hair. [UPDATE: See more photos from the shoot after the jump!]

Rihanna's Rolling Stone spread.
Photo: @Badgalriri Instagram/Rolling Stone

Rihanna's mane is something of a mystery to us. She goes from pixie cut to half-shaved, half-long hair overnight, over and over. It must be exhausting. This particular iteration of Rihanna's magical hair one of our faves: long, cascading blonde waves covering her face coyly on one side, revealing her half-shave on the other. The cover showcases very little else besides a single, enormous diamond stud earring, some chain necklaces and the hint of a white strap, and that's a good thing. Rolling Stone made it all about Ri, and for a piece that supposedly gives us a deeper look into the singer's personal life than we have had before, it seems completely appropriate. We cannot wait to see the rest of the spread, though, and with the magazine on stands on Friday, we're not going to have to wait very much longer. UPDATE: Rihanna posted two of the interior shots on her Instagram, and they totally confirm what we thought initially: When Ri and Terry get together, things get raunchy in the best way. They reveal that she is posing in what is either a white or pale pink slip with simple jewelry and little else. Now, if we could just figure out what that mystery ad campaign is...

What do you think of Rihanna's Rolling Stone cover?

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