Will Beyonce Wear Stripes At The Super Bowl?

Beyonce blocks an imaginary tackle in an umpire uniform.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr

Okay, we realize we might be stretching a little, but with Beyonce’s Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance inching closer and closer every day, and Bey posting about a bajillion rehearsal photos to her Tumblr on what feels like an hourly basis, it’s hard to stop ourselves from searching for ANY clues to her upcoming stage wardrobe. We know that rehearsal style doesn’t necessarily translate to whatever an artist will be wearing come showtime, but when Bey uploads two black-and-white striped looks, all her behind-the-scenes rehearsal snaps are in grayscale, AND she takes special note to highlight these horizontal stripe legs, we’re going to start wondering if maybe these are all signs pointing toward a common theme: black and white stripes.

Beyonce rehearses in a striped onesie.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr

Could Beyonce really be dangling such an integral part of her Super Bowl performance in our faces this blatantly? *shrugs* We don’t know. Actually, we’re 85% positive it’s unlikely. But then again, if her history with Destiny’s Child has taught us anything, it’s that Bey’s no stranger to a theme. It’s possible that the umpire uniform shot is just a previously unreleased picture from the same shoot as this initial “Countdown to Touchdown” announcement. And it’s just as possible that Bey just prefers to go through eight-counts in full-body onesies. Regardless, we’re having a graaaaand ol’ time envisioning Bey dressed as ump on game day, blowing a rhinestone-covered whistle in front of a team of dancers (dressed as players???) just before breaking into “Crazy In Love” with a live brass marching band. HOMG, we just gave ourselves goosebumps.

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