Nab Miley Cyrus' Perfect Winter Outfit From Topshop

Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles this week.
Photo: Splash News/ via Topshop

We all know that Miley Cyrus took a little shopping trip to Topshop not too long ago (click here for dressing room selfie proof), and now we're finally getting to see even more of her scores. Fresh off the release of her Cosmo cover, the singer was out and about in Los Angeles this week, wearing what's basically the perfect everyday uniform for those fluke warmer-than-normal wintry days. Trading her punky Docs and faux-fashion sweatshirts for something a bit more polished, Miley repped British street fashion in a big way in a Topshop sweater and pants, which she paired with a basic black ASOS hat. The patterned knit's abbreviated cut complements the peg trousers adorably, and is just the latest example of the singer's committed love affair with crop tops and high-waisted bottoms (exhibit A, B, and C).

So if you want to play fashion copy cat and cop her outfit for yourself, better hurry up! The beanie, pants, and sweater are each still available to buy online, but not for long. This is MILEY we're talking about, guys, and everybody wants a piece of her— from her highly anticipated new album to her clothes— so prevent your next "I have nothing to wear!" moment and grab these goods before they disappear.

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