Unpacking Rihanna's Airport Style: Layer By Layer

Rihanna Airport Style

Rihanna at the JFK airport in New York on Jan. 28.
Photo: Splash News

Listen, airport style doesn't always have to mean the dreaded sweatpants and Uggs ensemble. See: Rihanna when she arrived in NYC yesterday. She looked SO. FLY. all bundled up in her winter gear, and as she made her way across the JFK airport, she began to strip off her outfit layer by layer. The crazy part? Every time she revealed a new piece, we loved it even more than the last one! So, let's start at the beginning: Rihanna gets off the plane, and she's wearing an illusion fur vest coat with brown leather sleeves, cuffed distressed jeans, dark sunnies, red lips, and loosely-tied Timberland boots. Then, she started to unbutton her jacket, and—GASP—she begins to reveal that she's wearing a studded denim jacket a.k.a. a CANADIAN TUXEDO underneath it all. Yasss.

Just as we were about to fuh-reak, she took off her jacket to reveal yet another layer—this time a super-cool grey Vans sweatshirt. She decided to tie the jean jacket around her waist for a '90s grunge look, and we LOVE that. We also noticed her killer red-tipped stiletto nails and layered chain pendant necklaces. (We assume someone else is holding her fur coat because, um, she's Rihanna.) But, the kicker of the ENTIRE ensemble is when she turns around to reveal the back of her Coal N Terry Vintage denim jacket, WHICH HAS A GIANT, SCREEN-PRINTED DROOLING WOLF FACE ON IT. SURROUNDED BY STUDS. WHY AM I YELLING? Man, we wish we could wear two coats and look that good, but leave it to Ri to master the art of layering better than anyone we have seen before. *claps* Also, we made a GIF of Rihanna stripping off her numerous layers in the airport because... we can. Enjoy.

Rihanna Airport Style

Twerk it, Ri.

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