How To Cop Beyonce's Super Bowl Rehearsal Style


Beyonce rehearses for her Super Bowl halftime performance in a "Can I Live?" sweatshirt.
Photo: Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram/B-Side By Wale

This coming Sunday, Super Bowl XLVII kicks off in New Orleans. For those of you (or, you know, us) less interested in the clash of the Harbaugh brothers, Beyonce's hyped up halftime performance might have you referring to the event as The Beybowl. The only athletic moves you're concerned with are the ones happening in whatever inevitably massive choreography number this photo is hinting at, and the only pigskin on your mind is whether or not Queen Bey will take the stage in leather. Thanks to Bey, the idea of sculpting a snack stadium is no longer your projected highlight of the night. (Though, the stomachache from loading up on too many football-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches may still be the lowest point.)

We'll be chronicling all the answers to these burning questions come game day, but while we wait, Beyonce's been documenting her rehearsal style via Instagram, and surprise surprise, the woman dresses fly even when she's learning routines. Upon first sight of this "Can I Live?" sweatshirt — not only a cute nod to hubby Jay-Z but also potentially a cute response to the inauguration lip-synch rumors — we knew we had to have it. Fortunately, we were able to track it down to the UK's B-Side by Wale where it's being pre-sold for £65.00. Unfortunately, there's a wait list for the crewneck in question, but you can email or submit an order to get on the list!


Beyonce rehearses for her Super Bowl halftime performance in a Brooklyn Nets t-shirt.
Photo: Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram

Beyonce also posted a snap of herself rehearsing in a Brooklyn Nets shirt. Different from the one she wore at Made In America festival, this tee features the Nets ball logo with "Brooklyn Nets" in all caps sans serif lettering around it. Our friends at Junk Food have identified it as one of their shirts, assuring us that it would be available for purchase at $35 later this week. If you're not that patient, you can cop this near-match right now!

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