We're Obsessed With Chloe Moretz's Pop Art Manicure

Chloe Moretz Nail Art

Chloe Moretz and her killer nail art.
Photo: Getty Images/Chloe Moretz's Instagram

Since it's #ManicureMonday over here at MTV Style, we've already got nail art on the mind, but when we were perusing through Chloe Moretz's Instagram feed (like we usually do, NBD) we stumbled upon a KILLER mani that we need to discuss ASAP. She posted a picture of her tips (above) two days ago with the caption, "Best. Nail art. Ever!!!! #nylonmagazine sneak ;)" Umm, OK, now we officially have two reasons to freak out: an out-of-this-world mani and a Nylon magazine shoot? Yesss! If her outfit is anything like her decked-out tips, she's going to be in a seriously pop art-inspired ensemble, and we can't WAIT to see that. But first, let's take a closer look at these nails, shall we?

Her left thumb is an intricate, hand-lettered "Love" design inside a comic strip zig-zag burst with a muted yellow behind it. (Please note that EACH letter is outlined in a different color. Awesome. *claps*) Next up is a bright red base with black and white lightning bolts painted across the top, followed by royal purple nail accented with gold stars and studs. Then, we have gold and maroon stripes (um, Gryffindor pride anyone?) paired with a deep blue pinkie nail covered in rhinestones. On her other hand, we see another royal purple color with stars and rhinestones framing the edge of the nail. We LOVE the "Pow!" on her ring finger, which, again, is outlined in tons of different colors next to a simple red nail with gold sequin accents. For her pointer finger, she went all-out nautical with yellow, navy and white stripes, and then finished the entire look with a diagonal black and white design covered in gold stars. WHEW. We wish we knew the manicurist behind this mani because she deserves some serious props, but it looks like we'll have to wait until the issue is out! But tell us, do you like Chloe Moretz's pop art nail design or is it too over-the-top for your liking? Let us know in the comments!

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