'GQ' Really, Really Likes This Ryan Gosling Cover Photo (And So Do We)

Gq Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling on the November 2011 'GQ' Russia cover, the February 2013 'GQ' Australia cover, and January 2011 'GQ' cover.
Photo: Courtesy of 'GQ'

Listen, there's never too much Ryan Gosling. We could see a pic of him every single day (which we might already do... shhhh) and never get sick of staring at that crooked smile and those piercing baby blues. It seems that GQ magazine is also FULLY on-board the R Gos train because when GQ Australia unveiled their February 2013 cover (above, middle) this week, it officially marked the third time that the men's fashion has recycled this photo. The first time we peeped this gorge Mario Testino-shot cover was on GQ back in January of 2011. Since then, it's been featured on GQ Russia (with a slightly different yellow background), and now GQ Australia. But, um, is anyone else weirded out how they blatantly Photoshopped a new suit on him in the latest version? *raises hand* We are.

Here's the deal—if you're going to use the same Ryan Gosling photo over and over again, we won't be mad at that. But, um, it's Ryan Gosling, people. You can't, like, Photoshop an entirely new outfit on him and expect us stans not to notice because newsflash: the internet exists. Also, the grey, pinstriped Ralph Lauren Black Label suit and pocket square REALLY complement his eyes, and we love that. Whew, we're so glad we got that we got that off our chest! Now, let's just appreciate the fact that Ryan Gosling is so incredibly timeless that, in the course of a little over two years, he is still cover-worthy, still gorge, and still as fashionable as ever. Thanks GQ. You're keeping the Gosling dream alive!

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