Beyonce And Lady Gaga's Inauguration Dresses Top Our Headlines Of The Week


Beyonce sings at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.
Photo: Getty Images

Beyonce wore Pucci to the 2013 Inauguration and rode the buzz from her rousing national anthem performance (for one reason or another...) throughout the week.

Lady Gaga's Inaugural Ball gown made headlines this week, not just because people were forced to delay gratification of seeing it (no press pics allowed at that party!), but also because her ball gown was, well, a gown covered with balls.

Taylor Swift posed as Rapunzel for Disney Parks' new ad campaign this week. Even though this shouldn't be that surprising given T.Swizzle's track record with fairy-tale themes (Enter "Love Story"), we're still super excited about it.

Kanye West added another mask to his wardrobe with the cherry red balaclava he wore to Maison Martin Margiela's Paris Fashion Week show. Either that or Yeezy's more serious than we thought about warding off flu season.

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