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Ke$ha at the RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit.
Photo: Getty Images

Doth our eyes deceive? This week, a few style stars bear striking similarities to things, well, not themselves. Intentional or not, we're calling them out!

+Ke$ha attended an inaugural charity event in a patriotic Paul & Joe pantsuit, which just happened to be spangled with blue sequin stars, include a bedazzled headpiece and expressly bring to mind Wonder Woman.

{via Just Jared}

+Willow Smith ran some errands in a draping black leather ensemble and is apparently Neo's protégé. Who knows, whipping one's hair back and forth COULD be the new Matrix move?!

{via Oh No They Didn't!}

+Catherine Zeta Jones stepped off a plane looking like a straight up Pilgrim. Buckle hat and all.

{via Coco Perez}

+ Katy Perry channeled a seksi (but not TOO seksi!) Uncle Sam in a Johnny Wujek creation that she wore for the Kids' Inaugural Concert in Washington, DC.

{Us Weekly}

+Kerry Washington also hit up the nation's capital, but appeared curiously international in a red tartan dress. Fer real though, only she could resemble a Walker’s Shortbread box and still look flawless.

{The Cut}

+ And Adam Levine, you deserve a moment of pondering because...we don’t even know. You're a Hershey Kiss alien who got attacked by paint balls and only lives once?

{via Us Weekly}

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