VFiles Teams Up With Tavi Gevinson On New X-Girl Collection

Vfiles x-girl

Tavi Gevinson models the new VFiles "X-Girl" Collection.
Photo: Via VFiles Instagram/ VFiles.com

WHOA, HOLD UP...our brains just exploded from the amazing fashion flashback happening here right now. Yesterday we were just innocently cruising VFiles, looking for our Next Big Thing fix that WASN'T a fashion tee, sporty spandex, or a Hood By Air tank, and look what we found: an entire collection of goods inspired by X-Girl! If you know your House of Style stuff (and why wouldn't you?!), then you know that X-Girl was a '90s streetwear brand co-founded by Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon and her friend Daisy von Furth. As the sister store of NYC's X-Large, X-Girl made major waves in 1994 for its Sofia Coppola-produced guerrilla fashion show and have inspired us (and emerging designers) ever since. So when it comes to these old-meets-new styles of t-shirts, key chains, and backpacks, who better to model the VFiles X-Girl collection than THE reigning teenage queen of '90s nostalgia herself, Tavi Gevinson?

Sure, Tavi wasn't actually alive to see most of the '90s happen (she was born in 1996). But that's not stopping the Rookie EIC from professing her love for decade classics like My So Called Life and Twin Peaks as well as movements like Riot Grrl. In December VFiles recruited Tavi to show off the basic crewneck and knee-high tights on Instagram, and now they're finally available to buy online. With prices ranging from $15 for a key light to $175 for a backpack, they definitely don't fit into the "$60 or less" criteria that Kim and Daisy iterated in the HOS episode. But for a '90s flashback as fashion-y as this one, they just miiiight be worth the splurge. Watch the ep below and let us know how the VFiles version lives up to the original!


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