Would You Wear This 'Gypsie' Pump Frankenshoe?

DV8 by Dolce Vita

DV8 by Dolce Vita's "Gypsie" pump.
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Happy humpday, everybody! For your weekly Wednesday helping of weird, I present to you: DV8 by Dolce Vita's "Gypsie" pump. Part high-heeled Mary-Jane, part epic '90s flatform, and a dash of peeptoe, this Frankenshoe, brought to our attention courtesy of our friends at The Frisky and Incredible Things, is (in a word) confusing. The Mary-Jane and peeptoe steez evoke demure sweetness but that whopper of an inverted wedge is unmistakably head-turning and even a little badass. It's a (apologies in advance) walking contradiction! *ba dum TSHHHH* On top of trying to define this shoe's direct line of heritage, we want to know if you, dear readers, would wear it.

As a group, we're leaning toward passing on this bad boy. It's nothing personal against Dolce Vita or its DV8 off-shoot, on the contrary, a hefty portion of our wardrobes are occupied by DV threads. It's not even that we're not into this newest shoe collection. Case and point: Hello, beautiful! These just aren't our favorite shoes. If they were completely off-the-wall, maybe, but there's something about this particular cocktail of familiar and freaky that isn't gelling with us. We know, though, that this is just our opinion, and given that, we want to know yours! Would you wear these "Gypsie" pumps?

{via The Frisky}

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