Beyonce Sports A Bra And Men's Underwear In 'GQ' Magazine Outtake, Launches Beyhive Blog

Beyonce GQ

Beyonce in the February issue of 'GQ.'
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson/'GQ'

If you still can't stop thinking about Beyonce's insanely hot GQ cover and spread, you're not alone. Just as we were barely recovering from all that pantless Beyonce amazingness, GQ released even MORE Terry Richardson outtakes, and, um, we may just explode. In the latest photo, Bey sports nothing but a lacy bra, Brooklyn Nets hat (duh), a silky white robe, thick gold chains, and—gasp—Calvin Klein men's underwear. For her beauty look, she showed off stick-straight strawberry blonde strands with blunt bangs, smoky eyes, and a glossy nude lip. *bows down* But Bey stans, there's even more Mrs. Carter goodness that hit the interwebs today. Are you sitting down?

Beyonce launched a Beyhive blog! Eeeeee. She said on her website: "The Beyhive Blog is my way of showing all the inspiring things I come across every single day. This is through my eyes. I'm also featuring beautiful creations from my talented fans. So many of you are making videos, painting—I want to show the world what you do and how much I appreciate you. This is just the beginning, there is so much out there to dig into." Oh. Muh. Gawd. Obvi we joined her website, and inside we were greeted with "Hotlinks," which is collection of things Bey's "reading, doing, loving, wearing, hearing." Sorry, did she say wearing? *dies* Her next section is called "Bey Inspired," which includes "inspiring individuals from the past and present" (think: Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, and Frank Ocean). One of our favorite sections, though, is called "The Ty Hunter," which is basically street style photographs through the eyes of her stylist. YUS. Finally, Bey includes a collection of fan artwork, which she titles "Beylove," and we break down into a million tears wondering how someone could be so amazing. Like, seriously, can we just rename Tuesday to Beyday? This day will never be the same.

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