Rihanna Does A Double Dose Of Head-To-Toe Prints

Rihanna Camo Print

Rihanna leaving the studio in West Hollywood on Jan. 17.
Photo: Splash News

Oh hay, Rihanna. We see you there—peekin' out of your recording studio acting like your outfit ain't no thang, but, um, newsflash: It is. She wore head-to-toe print TWICE, and we need to discuss it ASAP. She opted for a full-length camo print jacket over a neon leaf print maxi dress (bold move, girl!), and then accessorized with black Adidas shell toe Superstars, a gold necklace and killer glowing green nails. With all the mixed prints happening, she decided to keep her beauty game simple—a clean, fresh face with natural wavy locks. But, um, is anyone else concerned about Rihanna's newfound love affair with green?

First off, we've never seen Rihanna decked out in so many nature-inspired things at once. Is she going on a glam safari (the sneakers are screaming "YES") or is this RiRi's own way of saying she's gone totally hippie? We're not gonna pretend like we don't know what kind of leaves those are on her dress, but the last time she wore this much green was for Halloween costume, and, well, we all know what the inspiration behind that was. What's the deal, Ri? Are you just in a seriously green mood or are you trying to set the next new mixed print trend? We'd love to know, girl. Get at us. <3, MTV Style

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