Joan Smalls Talks About Following Her Passion For Modeling In 'This Is How I Made It' Trailer

Joan Smalls.
Photo: MTV

In addition to being one of our totally incredible House Of Style hosts, Joan Smalls is so major in the modeling world that sometimes we simply can't believe that she's a real human. How did she do it? We ask ourselves, and want to look at her under a microscope to see if she's made of something different than we are. Well, now we don't have to do anything weird and totally creepy to find out how Joan Smalls became one of the most featured models in Vogue last year, because MTV's This Is How I Made It are doing that for us. Airing this Saturday at 12/11 Central, the episode explores Joan's childhood in Puerto Rico, how she first got into modeling, and the journey that she's been on since then. We have a sneak peek of the episode, with a clip in which Joan talks about following her passion for modeling, no matter what her family thought. Unwilling to completely go against her father's wishes, though, Joan figured out a way to become the model she is without sacrificing the thing her father thought was most important: a college education. And the really amazing part? Not only did Joan GO to college and finish super quickly, but she also graduated magna cum laude. How is this woman human? Watch the video after the jump and tell us what you think!

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