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Seed Of Life Corset

Seed Of Life Corset created using Shapeways.
Photo: Courtesy of Three Form Fashion

Even though we're keenly aware that the collision of fashion and technology is nothing new (think: Nike Fuel Bands, the Google Glass, and, notably, Snooki’s “fashion you can hear”), this week we swept the tech-minded corners of the interwebs and found some of the latest, greatest, and totally wackadoodle projects in high-tech fashion!

+Behold Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace that facilitates manufacturing of YOUR great ideas by simply uploading a design file. Check out the mind-blowing video in the link, and get to steppin' on your own best-friend necklaces, sunglasses, Gothic candelabra, whatever!

{via The Creators Project}

+IBM released an algorithm that predicts steampunk will be a major force in the future of fashion. I mean, Bieber's rocked it before (and we respect his stewardship), but we can't reaaaally imagine clocks, pipes, and moving gears dominating the runway.

{via Refinery 29}

+The world's first fashion hackathon O_O is coming to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Top engineers will compete to create a digital concept (perhaps an app?!) for the industry. Can't wait to see THIS crowd brush shoulders with the fashion week regulars!

{via Decoded Fashion}

+Burberry's flagship store in London boasts some crazy tech: the world's tallest retail screen, 550 hidden speakers, screens that turn into mirrors, and a hydraulic stage (for impromptu in-store gigs, of course). Guess you can teach old brands new tricks?

{via The Guardian}

+This year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased I'm Here, a GPS tracker connected to social media platforms and small enough to fit on your clothing. Great for losing a sock, not so great for a losing a stalker.

{via Mashable}

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