Watch Snooki And JWOWW's Guide To Taking Selfies

Snooki Jwoww Selfies

Snooki and JWOWW take selfies.
Photo: Via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's YouTube Page

It's true: 2012 was THE year of self portraits, and if you're still messing up those personal shots, it's time to get it together, people! We're in 2013! Lucky for us, JWOWW and Snooki stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to create the ultimate guide to taking selfies, and we certainly learned a thing or two from their short-but-sweet video. The former Jersey Shore girls are now the stars of their own show (appropriately called Snooki & JWOWW), and together they are an unstoppable self-portrait-mastering force! They broke it down into four easy steps, so all us selfie amateurs can understand how it works. Let's get to it!

R.A.D. - REACH, ANGLE, DUCKFACE: Basically this means stretch your arm out as far as possible from your face at a 45-degree angle above your head, make a duckface (which looks, well, exactly like it sounds), and voila! You're a STAHHH.

E.C.H.O. - EYES CLOSED, HAND OUT: This is the "oh-I-look-perfect-while-I-sleep-NBD" pose with closed eyes and a soft, peaceful expression. Cute!

C.A.B.S. - CONVINCINGLY "ACCIDENTAL" BOOB SHOT: This selfie helps us show off some of our best assets in an "accidentally" sex-say way. Don't forget the duckface!

C.U.B.S. - CLOSE-UP BESTIES SHOT: Grab your BFF and let the shorter one stand in front. Werk that 45-degree angle, and watch the magic happen.

As JWOWW says, "Taking pictures of yourself for the internet is art," so it don't worry if you can't master this overnight. To see the steps to self-portrait perfection in action, be sure to watch the video below!


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