Oh, John Mayer Is An Accessories Designer Now?

John Mayer Wallets

John Mayer and the wallets he designed.
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Hello world! Remember John Mayer? You know, the dude that sang "Your Body Is A Wonderland" but had to call off his career "indefinitely" last March because of a serious throat condition? Yeah, that guy. I know it's a super sadface sitch, but, hey, he's dealing the best way he knows how—by dating Katy Perry (babe alert!) and becoming an accessories designer—the latter of which only I found out about mere hours ago. Apparently, he teamed up with Barrett Alley to create a collection of limited-edition wallets, and from what I can tell so far, he's taking this whole design thing really, really seriously. Like, first off, each wallet is $190. To put that in perspective, you could get four—read that again—four Rebecca Minkoff leather wallets for the price of just one John Mayer concoction. So, what's this bad boy made of? Snakeskin? Diamonds? Solid gold? Nope! It's made of old timey fabric from the late 1800s and Civil War-era buttons. Mmmmm, mothballs.

If that wasn't limited-edition enough for y'all, each wallet comes with "a hand-stamped card detailing the collaboration." Oh la la! But, hey, is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? This wallet is literally just a piece of leather with a button on it and a piece of string. Did two people really need to collaborate together to make this design? Now, OK, before you get all mad, I just want to say this: Celebrities make a successful transition into the design world ALL. THE. TIME. (See: The Olsens receiving a CFDA Award this past year.) I'm not harping on the fact that this isn't his typical steez, but I find it hard to digest that Mr. Mayer is charging so much for such a simply-designed wallet AND has no former fashion design experience. I think he said it best in a 2006 interview he did with the AP:

John Mayer: I'm actually into sneakers on a design level. I've got a big design thing going on in my life right now ... I love designing stuff. I mean, my biggest dream, forget Grammys, I want to be able to design an Air Max.

AP: As a celebrity, you could probably get a shot.

John Mayer: But that's not right! It's not cool.

Aaanddd, I'll just leave that right there. But what do you think—will you swipe up any of John Mayer's limited-edition wallets?

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