Prince Chenoa And Jacob Dekat Of 'Galore': These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat with Ashley Smith.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

I met Prince Chenoa (DJ/creative director/visionary/superstar) and Jacob Dekat (photographer/DJ/model/also, superstar) when I was just a fresh, starry-eyed New York transplant with dreams of majoring in "pop star." But can you seriously blame a gay? I was born-and-bred from the not insanely amazing suburbs of Pittsburgh, after all, and the only thing I knew about rock n' roll was that Chumbawumba jam/my older cousin's Cranberries cassette. Anyway, it was a debauchery-heavy evening (I'm not the only one who still considers 5 a.m. as nighttime, right?) at the late-and-great Beatrice Inn, where an Olsen or two surely chain-smoked in their bohemian best whilst the single bathroom line remained perpetually (and questionably) long. The adorbs duo were perched atop the DJ booth, with Prince rocking his signature bowler hat whilst blasting rock classics, and Jacob getting his Mick Jagger doppleganger on. Seriously, those disheveled locks are a work of art that I'd bid on if I weren't a broke writer. Sigh. Anyway, the boys appreciated my affinity for a good Britney/Spice Girls' concert t-shirt, so we hit it off immediately. Fast forward to the their booming career: first came a grunge-y t-shirt line that boasted famous fans like, you know, RIHANNA; more recently the model fanzine known as Lovecat, which included cover girls Lindsay Lohan, Alisson Mosshart, and Lana Del Rey; and now, their just-launched uber-glossy, meow-tastic major mag known as Galore. Remembs when we gave y'all the fashion-y beans on their first issue featuring the Ellen Von Unwerth-shot cover girl Ashley Smith looking like a young pre-drugs Anna Nicole Smith circa those infamous "Guess" ads? You're welcome. I personally cannot wait for what's up next under the duos' vintage leather sleeves for the killer mag, but I expect amazingness. Until then, check out the reigning downtown it boy duo's favorite fashion-y things.

Prince Chenoa's hat.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

Statement Piece:

Prince Chenoa: I love my hats! I can't live without a black hat… I feel naked without it. I love my Anda and Masha hats -- they are all custom.

Jacob's jewelry.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

Jacob: It would have to be my jewelry. I collect a lot of precious stones and unique cat rings .

Vintage Magazines.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

eBay Purchase: Our collection of old 80's Interview Magazines, 70's Playboy and OUI magazines.

Stores: Trash and Vaudeville! Jimmy rocks. We buy all our jeans from there. Also, What Goes Around Comes Around is such a great vintage find in the city.

Jacob's Tom Ford Cafe Rose.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob


Prince Chenoa: I love a sweeter fragrance so I usually wear Bond St Andy Warhol. It's like a chocolate smell which I love.

Jacob: I prefer a more floral scent. I just got the new TOM FORD Cafe Rose which is amazing. As you can tell, we love women's perfume. There's something about men's fragrances that just doesn't work for us.

Karaoke Song: Guns n' Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" or Prince's "Erotic City". Classic amazing songs and the beat and lyrics just take you over!

Songs to DJ:

Lana Del Rey - "Blue Jeans" (all time fave classic!)

Tina Turner and Ike Turner - "Baby Let's Get It On"

Jessica 6 - "White Horse"

Rolling Stones - "Gimme Shelter"

Rihanna - Anything by her will get a crowd rocking.

Leather pants.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

Pants: Black tight skinny jeans or leather pants, no other option! Although this summe,r we found ourselves cutting our jeans into shorts…


Prince Chenoa: La Mer, it keeps your skin amazing.

Jacob: Coconut oil is the best moisturizer for everything.

Concert T-Shirt: We used to design tees for a lot of musicians so probably the ones we made for Rihanna's last album.

Lip Balm: We used to use fancy ones but we lose them all… We like Chapstick brand vanilla mint flavor. Or Burt's Bees.

Album Cover Art: Lace and Whiskey by Alice Cooper. Kind of sums up the life.

Fashion Icon: We have a couple… Prince and Vanity, Davie Bowie and Iman, Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger.

Fashion in a Music Video: Kenneth Anger's "Scorpio Rising". There's amazing biker gear.

Bag: We love our LeSportsac and Joy Rich bag and carry it everyday.

Shoes: Cowboy boots and Dr. Marten's.

Hair Product:

Prince Chenoa: Silky Dirt, Morrocan oil, Fekkai. Jacob's hair is kind of naturally amazing. I have to go see the Dominican girls uptown for a blow out.

Biker jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince Chenoa and Jacob

Jacket: Biker jackets. All day, every season.

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