Justin Bieber Justifies Sagging, Goes On Instagram Pants Parade

Justin Bieber justifies sagging his pants.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber’s Instagram

A different Justin may be dominating your headphones and RSS feeds today, but because of the recent activity on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account, we feel it’s absolutely necessary, as MTV’s resident heralds of style, to update you on what’s happening with Bieber’s pants. Pictured above, you’ll find the teen pop idol clad in a white ribbed tank top and his slim fit jeans hiked up to *gasp* his natural waist. It’s a sight we’re not used to at all for the patron saint of drop-crotch. Biebs posted the image to Instagram with the caption, “To those of u who tell me not to sag my pants. Double think that,” and were he not channeling Steve Urkel with this weird crouched, open-armed pose, we’d have a better idea if we actually like it or not. Remarkably, this Grease Lightning steez isn’t the only shot Justin uploaded this weekend that centers around some scene-stealing trousers. Walk with us.

Justin Bieber wears zebra pants.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber’s Instagram

One could argue that the lynx mountain lion Justin is cuddling up with in this snap is the real star of the show, but we think it’s important to point out that Bieber has expanded his wardrobe of drop-crotch sweatpants to prints, specifically this hard-to-miss zebra. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him in this particular animal print, but it’s certainly not a common look and the patterned steez is one we kept seeing more of as the weekend went on.

Justin Bieber wears Super Mario Bros. pants.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber’s Instagram

Bieber uploaded this waist-down selfie of himself wearing cobalt blue Super Mario Bros. pants, presumably of the pajama variety based on the brushed look of the fabric and that casual front button. He presented the look without comment.

Justin Bieber wears Pillsbury Doughboy pants.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber’s Instagram

And then Justin revealed his most shocking ensemble of all (in our opinion): a denim jacket with shearling collar, shiny silver sneakers, and — wait for it — baby blue Pillsbury Doughboy pants. *cue symphony of dropping jaws and crying babies* Yep. We have a lot of questions. Are these pajamas? Are these these pajamas? Is Justin going to start making a habit of wearing PJs in public? What are Bieber’s ties to Poppin’ Fresh? What’s the deal with all the wild cats? If any of you have answers, please let us know. Otherwise, just let us know what you think of Justin Bieber’s trouser game of late!

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