5 Things We Learned From Rita Ora's 'New York Times' Interview

Rita Ora

Rita Ora.
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Listen, everyone here at MTV Style is already WELL acquainted with the sartorial magic of Rita Ora (um hi, this girl is literally the epitome of "IT," whatever "it" is...) But now it seems the singer has captured The New York Times under her sparkly spell, too, and it's about time. She's the subject of a new feature aptly entitled "From England, Fashion’s Latest Darling," in which the paper proclaims her as a "flamboyant breed of English rose" with a star shining SO bright, she would "probably be able to find a spotlight in Antarctica." Congrats, guys! Glad to see you've decided to join us on the Rita Ora fan bandwagon. While the interview does cover some well-tread territory- like the fact that she wears sneakers, a lot- it's also chock full of unexpected gems, like how she hangs her collection of red handbags on her wall at home and how she worships at the style temple of Daphne Guinness. So how much do you to REALLY know about Rita Ora? Check out our 5 interview takeaways below and find out...

1.) According to Henry Holland, Rita's style reflects her personality: “From her first video she was very urban and now that she’s become more successful, she’s got more of a polish to her look, but it’s nice to see that she still adds an urban twist on things,” he said. “She’ll still pair a gown with trainers. She’s not having an identity crisis.”

2.) She loved DIY growing up: "I never really had much money. I would buy things for two or three pounds and completely remake them, like rip up two T-shirts and sew them back together front to back. Somehow no one would understand what I was wearing, but I did.”

3.) Expect a Rita Ora clothing line in the future: “One day, I want to do a line. But maybe after I do like 11 albums. Music is my first and foremost."

4.) She believes every person has a signature "look" (hers is tons of rings): “That’s another characteristic to know you by...Every person has a signature. Just some people don’t know it yet.”

5.) She's not a fan of sneaker wedges: "Like the kitten heel, I hate. Either wear a heel or don’t wear a heel, O.K.? I really despise those wedge trainers, too.” (Though she loves Air Jordans.) “I understand they want the lift, but I think they’re a sin. One hundred percent sin.”

{via The New York Times}

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