Here's Beyonce's Official 'GQ' Magazine Cover


Beyonce on the cover of "GQ" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of GQ

This post is intended to be about how it feels to finally set eyes on Beyonce's official GQ magazine cover, but if I could just leave the body of this thing an incomprehensible string of letters and numbers and punctuation marks, believe me, I would. Because, for me, MTV Style's resident BeyHive STAN, that's exactly how this moment feels. Not to blow a cover reveal totally and completely out of proportion (though that's essentially what I'm doing), but it's just hard to accurately explain how it feels to be taunted with the leaked visage of your favorite artist on the cover of a new magazine issue (her first in what feels like forever) and not know whether it's real or not.

This is rendered especially crazy-making when your girl is looking outright BANANAS in little more than a cut-off football tee and some underwear (more specifically, a pair of red leopard, zippered underlings with the '90s supermodel hi-cut "V" shape *eyeballs bug out of skull, jaw drops to the center of the earth*), and you start to put the pieces together. Beyonce in a football tee. Beyonce's performing at the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is in February. This is the February issue of GQ. IT HAS TO BE TRUE. Then, you take another lucid look at the Terry Richardson-shot cover photo of Bey in all her hourglass-bodied glory, and you remember that this week, she celebrated being the mother of the world's most fashionable one-year-old. Accordingly, your brain scrambles.

Now, thanks to the editors of GQ, we can breathe a small sigh of relief knowing that all of our lingering suspicions have been confirmed. Unfortunately, that feeling of solace is fleeting because there's still an entire SPREAD and INTERVIEW we need to wait for until next Tuesday, January 15. *SIGHHHHH* Since we can't chill out for even one minute, we want you to help us goad our speculations! What do you think Beyonce's full GQ spread will look like?? Let us know in the comments below!

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