Would You Wear Eyelash Jewelry?

Eyelash Jewelry

Would you wear eyelash jewelry?
Photo: Courtesy of EyelashJewelry's Etsy Shop

You guys know about false eyelashes. Sets of fluttering faux hairs that you can glue to your lids to amplify your peepers. Celebs wear them up and down red carpets for glamorous doe eyes or even just to spice up a formerly staid beauty look. They come in basic black or sometimes other colors or even with embellishments. But have you ever heard of eyelash jewelry? We hadn't until our friends at Incredible Things enlightened us to this Eyelash Jewelry Etsy shop which is chock FULL of the ocular ornaments, and honestly, we're not sure what to do with that information now.

A kind of hybrid of ideas — falsies meets face jewelry meets lining your eyes with summer camp's finest hand-crafted lanyards — this eyelash jewelry occupies a category of accessories (?) that we can truthfully say we've never seen anything like before. They come in a variety of colors, options, and themes from "Salad Days" to "Bubble Bath" to "Fish in the Sea" to "Circus", and Seattle-based store owner and designer Natalie Russo makes all of these BY HAND. She explains on her store page that her eyelash jewelry is constructed by "by hand-weaving tiny glass beads onto ultra thin wire" which then "creates a light-weight, flexible band that can be formed to the shape of any eye." Fascinating!

Don't get us wrong, we respect the craftsmanship and the time taken and the strict attention to every itsy bitsy detail, and maybe for the right event or costume, these things would be the perfect cherry on top. But we're going to have to pass on eyelash jewelry. At least, for now. Maybe forever. Maybe we're being overly risk-averse with this one, but we're just not that comfortable with having little pokey WIRES that close to our eyes. Also, the styles are maybe a little too far into cutesy and twee for our everyday steez with the explicit exception of these googly eye ones which we think are hilarious. PUT EYES ON YOUR EYES. Brilliant. Would YOU wear eyelash jewelry? Let us know in the comments below!

{via Incredible Things}

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