Customize Your Purse Like AnnaSophia Robb With New 'Carrie Diaries' Facebook App

AnnaSophia Robb, Carrie Diaries

AnnaSophia Robb on set of 'The Carrie Diaries' yesterday in NYC.
Photo: Splash News

Alright, so we're just gonna come out and say it: we have sneaking suspicion that The Carrie Diaries just MIGHT be our new favorite show. No, we haven't seen it yet. And no, we don't have a crystal ball to see into the future. But judging from the on-set pics (and mini Carrie Bradshaw AnnaSophia Robb's rising star status), we're placing our bets early. While the premiere might still be a few days away, we've found something to tide you over until the show's Monday night debut: this fun new Facebook app. Created by CW masterminds and guaranteed to make our wait for The Carrie Diaries THAT much easier, the app lets you customize a basic black carryall into a Bradshaw masterpiece- well virtually, anyway- using nail polish as paint. Because that's TOTALLY something the '80s fashionista would actually do.

The Carrie Diaries' "Purseonalizer".
Photo: via Facebook

As the show's costume designer Eric Damon remarked to Fashionista yesterday of the character's wardrobe, "We wanted to make it so that everyone at home could really relate to it and at the same time we wanted to make the show something that could become a fashion phenomenon. So we wanted to have a contemporary edge to the clothes and find that balance."

It's perfect timing to launch the app, because we've been spotting AnnaSophia out and about in New York toting the accessory on set. Her version of the personalized handbag features abstract splashes of yellow, red and white and a cursive "Carrie" front and center, and we're thinking it's going to definitely have a recurring role in her wardrobe (and on the show). So what are you waiting for? Flex those creative muscles and customize your own purse here!

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