Which Rihanna Perfume Are You? Take The Quiz On Her New Fragrance Website

Rihanna Fragrance Website

Rihanna in her Nude fragrance campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Perfumes by Rihanna

When it comes to fragrances, Rihanna doesn't play around. Since just 2011, the singer has released three scents (Reb'l Fleur, Rebelle, and Nude) all with record-breaking sales, and it looks like her quest for total perfume world domination isn't slowing. When we peeped her Facebook yesterday, it said, "You now have one place to go for all things related to Rihanna fragrances! Her new site, PerfumesByRihanna.com, gives you the deets on all your favorite Rih fragrances and you can even take a quiz to see which one fits you best." Rihanna Navy, commence freaking out.

Obviously we clicked the link as fast as our little fingers would let us, and we were greeted with a GORGE Nude campaign image (above). As we scrolled down, we browsed through all her fragrance collections, peeped behind-the-scenes videos of her photo shoots, and—the best part—took a quiz to find out which RiRi scent suited us best. The questions included, "What's your style?" (dark and edgy, duh), "What's your dream vacation?" and "What lip color do you wear?" Then, voila! You are given a Rihanna fragrance which is supposed to fit your personality best. I mean, we're not quite sure how our dream vacay relates to how we want to smell on a daily basis, but we'll go with it. Our end result was the Nude perfume, which apparently means "you embody being comfortable in your own skin," but we're not sure how they divulged that from only three questions. Either way, we're totally on board with Rihanna's beauty website, but we want to see more! Take the quiz and tell us what Rihanna fragrance you got in the comments below!

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