Jhameel: These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

Photo: Courtesy of Jhameel

I've been crushing on emerging pop singer Jhameel for a while now. What can I say/blog? I'm a total sucker for a talented bone structure/asymmetrical hair steez/crooning velvety pipes combo. Jhameel also isn't afraid of a little Bowie-esque face-paint and executing an immaculate moonwalk or two, which makes me really feel things/squeal up in the MTV Style HQ to many a cruel side-eye. (You too will def get your squeal on after watching his latest vid for "Shadow of a Man".) FYI: Jhameel is sort of a big deal in the blogosphere, but don't pigeonhole the cutie as a here today, thank god gone tomorrow annoying internet celeb. His regularly updated YouTube channel is what pop-friendly dreams are made of, specifically his fainting-in-traffic-inducing Frank Ocean cover and his Stan fave super-inebriated-whilst-STILL-singing-on-key (= talent!!!) vids. Anyway, we got Jhameel to spill the fashion-y beans for today's edish of Favorite Things for which you should be very grateful. Go on… let the obsession begin.

Jhameel in his striped black face paint.
Photo: Courtesy of Jhameel

Statement Piece: Striped black face paint. I really like the idea of balanced asymmetry, and since my haircut is asymmetrical, I use the face paint to balance out one side of my face.

eBay Purchase: Spongebob boxers.

Cologne: Ever since my high school girlfriend bought me some Bvlgari cologne I've always bought the same exact one.

Karaoke Song: Anything by Prince.

Moisturizer: Trader Joe's brand all the way.

Concert T-Shirt: Death Cab for Cutie -- the one with a beating heart and "Plans" in the title.

The cover of Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion.
Photo: Courtesy of Jhameel

Album Cover Art: Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective. Such a trippy album cover.

Fashion in a Music Video: "Bad" by Michael Jackson -- his best one in my opinion.

Fashion Icon: David Bowie.

Accessory: A long silver earring on my left ear.

Fashion Era: 80's

Jacket: A thrift store pea coat.

Jhameel's Frye boots.
Photo: Courtesy of Jhameel

Shoes: Frye leather boots.

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