Dakota And Elle Fanning Step Out In Matching Cat Hats

Dakota Fanning Elle fanning

Dakota and Elle Fanning in Seoul.
Photo: Getty Images

CUTE OVERLOAD ALERT. Remember when we called out Dakota Fanning as one of the biggest cat ladies of 2012? Judging from her little sis Elle, turns out the feline friendly fashion gene runs in the family! The twosome arrived in Seoul, South Korea this weekend and hit the ground running wearing- get this- matching kitten ear hats. (As if we weren't obsessed with the Fannings enough already...). Dakota went for total Hello Kitty adorableness with her white beanie, and Elle sported a fuzzy pale pink version as they traipsed through the streets on vacation. Aw, you guys...

Despite their physical similarities, these movie star sisters have grown up with drastically different style sensibilities. Whereas Dakota usually goes for easygoing yet trend-forward pieces, Elle's gaining some major red carpet cred with her boundary-pushing ensembles (Platform sandals? Fancy rompers? Floral gowns? Check, check, check!). As Dakota told VOGUE last year, “I am in the normal range when it comes to clothes. Elle is not normal.” Elle concurs, telling LOVE magazine that she's a complete fashion nerd: "I live for fashion. I know all the collections by heart. I know all the models’ names. I live for style.com. When I see someone wearing something I’m like, “Spring/summer 2007?” I recognize it straight away.”

Needless to say, it's rare when we catch the duo in a matching fashion moment like this one. And even though we always figured the matching sister thing was a no-go after you reach your teens, this pair proves it can still totally work. Plus, from Eugenia Kim's rabbit hair beret to Romwe's ski hat to the Hello Kitty topper on Miss KL, there are more than enough options online to copy the look yourself if you want.

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