Will Angel Haze Make New York Fashion Week Debut At Mark McNairy?

Angel Haze

Angel Haze.
Photo: Mathieu Young

Angel Haze has been frequenting our radar from her Eminem tribute track "Cleaning Out My Closet" to her Classick mixtape. If you didn't already know about her, chances are pretty good that you've heard a word or two regarding the 21-year-old rapper in the past two days. At press time, she and Azealia Banks are engaged in a heated Twitter duel, complete with rapid fire dis tracks. The drama is seductive (let it be known, though, that we're crossing our fingers that this is actually the ultimate Rick Roll and ends in that rumored collaboration track *winces, ducks for cover*), but we're taking this moment to shine a light on a fashion Easter egg that may have been lost in the crossfire: Angel Haze met Mark McNairy today and subsequently tweeted that she'll be walking this Fashion Week. (!!!!!!!!)

We don't really have much more than that. Also, this T Magazine feature that pretty well illustrates her modeling prowess (maybe something she learned from her BFF Chrishell Stubbs?). And the fact that the designer retweeted Angel's note about their meeting. AND we can top it all off with McNairy's history of using young rappers as models with Danny Brown working the runway in a gold shorts suit for the New Amsterdam NYFW debut just last season. We may not have confirmation, but we do have active imaginations and fragments of information. We just hope those translate into reality come February!

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