A$AP Rocky Won't Be Launching A Clothing Line, Says They Are 'Corny'

Asap Rocky Rapper Clothing Line

A$AP Rocky on Dec. 16 in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

Even though A$AP Rocky is known for his strong presence in the fashion world (the quick rundown: he's BFFs with Alexander Wang/starred in his fall 2012 RTW video, loves Ann Demeulemeester, and sports $1,000 pants like it ain't no thang), it looks like the rapper won't be launching his own clothing line anytime soon. :( Sadface times a million. He told Hip Hop Wired, "I might collab with designers [... but] when rappers be doing that clothing line s***, that s*** be corny man. That's a slow reality show."

He continued, "I'm not no fashion designer. Just 'cause I got good taste don't mean that I know how to create it. I feel that's disrespectful. [...] Just cause you know it, don't mean you know how to create it." While we respect that A$AP holds fashion designers in such high esteem, we still TOTALLY wouldn't mind if he made a serious foray into the fashion world. I mean, could you imagine A$AP launching a line of menswear with nothing but man dresses and kilts? We'd die. Since we may not see an A$AP-designed collection in the near future (or ever!), I guess we'll settle for his official merch. At least there's a chance he might collab with designers! coughALEXANDERWANGcough

{via Hip Hop Wired}

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