This Emma Stone 'Glamour UK' Cover Looks Familiar

Emma Stone

Emma Stone on the cover of Glamour UK February 2013 and Glamour US May 2011.
Photo: Glamour UK/Glamour

I think it's pretty safe to say that Emma Stone is one of the most universally loved young actresses in the game right now. She's beautiful, talented, sartorially adventurous, and hilariously adorably down-to-earth. With a volatile combination like that, it's no wonder the magazines of the world are all clamoring to feature her in their pages and on their covers, and in turn, people are nabbing up issues fronted by the Gangster Squad star left and right. Miss Stone has racked up another international glossy cover for her CV this month with Glamour UK featuring her as their February 2013 cover girl. Thing thing is, though, being avid watchers of her every move, we totally recognize this cover shot, and it's from — wait for it — almost two years ago.

Yep. We first saw one angle of this floral-clad Dolce & Gabbana look on the May 2011 cover of Glamour US, a feature Emma shared with Freida Pinto and Ashley Greene. Then, the very same smiley side-eye photo resurfaced as Glamour Mexico's June 2011 cover. We're not sure if it was our Emma Stone superfandom or the conspicuous spring/summer-ness of styling a February cover girl in bright florals and bare legs that tipped us off, but magazines recycling shoots for other editions isn't uncommon.

We've actually seen a similar thing happen for Emma's own Gangster Squad co-star Ryan Gosling. We tend to revisit any new image of The Gos at least 50 times daily, so the minute his January 2011 GQ cover was released, it immediately became one of our favorite covers of 2011. (Yes, even though the year had just started — this is Ryan Gosling we're talking about!!!) Then, the same snap was repurposed with a bright yellow backdrop for GQ Russia's November 2011 issue, and our minds were sufficiently blown. The cavernous calendar gap of reuse of Emma's 2011 shoot in 2013, though, makes this a bit of a different story.

Maybe this happens all the time, and this is just the first time we're noticing. Maybe this is totally unprecedented. We haven't gotten that far yet. But we're also not sure we actually care. Sure, it would have been nice to see a completely new shoot from Emma, but are we MAD that this fun, wind-blown shot of Stone was given a reprise by Glamour UK? Nope. Girl still looks drop-dead, perfectly coiffed, and we still want to borrow that dress and read the interview because HAI, Emma Stone is the coolest. Also, this ringer cover line: "sex scenes with Ryan Gosling." *claps* Case closed.

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