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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr climbs every mountain.
Photo: Miranda Kerr's Instagram

The fashion world welcomes 2013 by stepping out in more ways than one!

+ Miranda Kerr goes for the "I'm a star!" pose atop a mountain and further proves that sneaker wedges are God's gift to (wo)man.

{via Miranda Kerr's Instagram}

+ OG House of Style host Cindy Crawford hoses herself with champagne in front of the Hollywood sign while Terry Richardson shoots the amazingness of it all. I guess two really is a party!

{via Coco Perez}

+ Rihanna bikes in the woods, frolics on the beach, and trots around on a horse in a tourism commercial for her native Barbados. HIP HIP, on an iiiisland in the sunnn...

{via Huffington Post}

+ Clover Canyon's Spring '13 collection positively STUNS with near kaleidoscopic colors and prints that channel the alfresco beauty of the brand's California home. Each piece leaves something to unpack, but is still so wearable and we wish we had a billion $$$ to buy it all.

{via Clover Canyon}

+ It might not be a cliff in the outdoorsy sense, but you've likely heard the term "fiscal cliff" floating around for a few weeks. What does it mean for the fashion world? (Also, just what does it mean, period?)

{via Fashionista}

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