Would You Wear Melting Tights?

URB Melting Tights

Would you wear melting tights?
Photo: Courtesy of URB

Whether you're confused, disgusted, or whipping out your credit card at first sight of these melting tights, all reactions to this one-of-a-kind drippy legwear are right. Mostly because you're probably battling them ALL simultaneously. We know we are. The head-turning hosiery comes into existence thanks to Germany's URB (which, aside from the tights in question, is also responsible for some pretty stellar fashion-forward menswear if you're interested). Mysterious dripping and/or melting on any body part is guaranteed to raise eyebrows and not always for the best reasons (Christina Aguilera can tell you first-hand :(), so it's hard to rationalize why someone would want this. And yet...we sort of do? *ducks for cover, deploys hairspray cloud forcefield*

Look, we know it's weird, but so long as the drippage stretches far enough down the leg and the color is COMPLETELY unnatural like these marbled unicorn pastels or this Nickelodeon slime green, we're just weird enough to be predisposed to like them. These melting tights straddle a very thin line between accident and Alex Mack. We think our criteria help steer them closer to the '90s unexpected supergirl, but that might just be us. Let us know if you'd wear these melting tights in the comments below!

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