Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Alexis Krauss, Sleigh Bells

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells shares a few of her favorite things.
Photo: Patrick O'Dell

There's nothing quite like the sound of Sleigh Bells. But I (obviously) prefer the screeching guitars/chaotic drum beats/punk-pop ecstacy-y of an aural explosion that is the Brooklyn-based band rather than those jolly X-Mas noisemakers that Santa's reindeer get down with each holiday season. No offense, Blitzen. Sleigh Bells' killer front-woman, Alexis Krauss, is forseriously everything you've ever desired in your fave rock star, and I’m not just blogging about those rafter-reaching pipes that will make you feel thangs/pop your crowd-surfing cherry. Sartorial spoiler alert: homegirl's got hair-whipping frenzy-appropriate bangs (thx to Volume Powder by Sachajuan), a winning style game (a custom studded leather jacket courtesy of Nicola Formichetti=!!!!) and SO much more, as you'll see in today's very special standing ovation-worthy Favorite Things. Like, PS, have you seen the album artwork for the band's immaculate 'Reign of Terror' LP (see: a pair of paint-splattered classic white-ish Keds which makes me really happy) which is omfg kinds of stylish? I cannot. And let's never forget Krauss crashing fashion blogs worldwide as a result of her recent Obesity & Speed (in which she comes across as the ultimate cheerleader goth) and Sephora (in which she rocks a major cat-eye/a perfectly glossed pout combo) campaigns. Anyway, I really can't deal with attempting to describe all of this perfection, so prepare to obsess/drool/decline many a credit card over the kick ass beauty's favorite fashion-y things (oh, and fave hangover cures/intoxication-friendly karaoke jams)...after the jump!

Statement Piece: Custom studded leather jacket. It is my stage staple. Nicola Formichetti gifted it to me at an ELLE photo shoot. It was customized by Hina at Search and Destroy in NYC.

eBay Purchase: I'm not a big eBay shopper but Derek recently bought me a vintage Spuds MacKenzie lamp. He's currently decorated for Christmas. My dog Rizla thinks he's real.

Alexis Krauss

Alexis's Spuds MacKenzie lamp and a picture of her and her dog, Rizla.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Krauss/Patrick O'Dell

Tattoo: "Never Say Die" tattoo on my arm. It's my first Sleigh Bells' tattoo but certainly not my last. It was done by my friend Eli Quinters at Smith Street Tattoo.

Alexis Krauss

Alexis models her "Never Say Die" tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Krauss

Perfume: Hypnotic Poison by Dior. I've been wearing it since I was a sophomore in high school!

Karaoke Song: "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard. What else can I say...

Nail Polish: It's impossible for me to choose just one polish because my nails are always multi-colored and covered in designs and studs. It's all thanks to nail artist Ria Lopez! She's a total badass and will turn your nails into mini masterpieces.

Alexis Krauss, Ria Nailz

A shot of Alexis Krauss's nails done by Ria Lopez.
Photo: Courtesy of Ria Nailz

Hangover Cure: A large bottle of Smart Water and Bikram yoga. It's hell but it works!

Moisturizer: Bliss Naked Body Butter. It's extremely moisturizing but never greasy. Plus I can always find it at Sephora whenever I'm on the road.

Concert T-Shirt: My fiance's Clash T-shirt. It's ripped, worn, and extremely soft. I'm always stealing it from him.

Lipstick: NARS Heatwave. It's classic and bold.

Album Cover Art: Currently obsessed with Lita Ford's ‘Dancin' on the Edge’ cover. She's got some serious style!

Lita Ford

Lita Ford's "Dancin' on the Edge" cover art.
Photo: Mercury Records

Fashion Icon: Cyndi Lauper. I just had the opportunity to perform with her at a benefit for her True Colors Foundation. It was an absolute dream come true.

Alexis Krauss, Cyndi Lauper

Alexis Krauss and Cyndi Lauper.
Photo: Getty Images

Fashion in a Music Video: Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". She's so adorable in this video. I especially love her denim jacket.

Fashion in a Film: Lost Boys. I just recently re-watched it on tour and it totally holds up. Keifer Sutherland is a total vampire babe!

Purse: Obesity & Speed Tote Bags. I'm always bugging Lyz for more! The studded ones are the best and her things are always very durable.

Shoes: Keds!!

Hair Product: Volume Powder by Sachajuan. It keeps your hair looking fresh and textured even after too much head banging.

Eye Makeup: Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-wear Cream Eye Shadow. It translates extremely well on stage and lasts for hours.

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