Karlie Kloss And Joan Smalls Top Vogue's Most Featured Models of 2012

Karlie and Joan cover Vogue

Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls cover Vogue.
Photo: Vogue UK/Vogue Australia

In 2012, House of Style co-hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss became bonafide mainstays on the pages of the fashion’s heaviest-hitting publications. Karlie and Joan are individual powerhouses, but this year they really became a gruesome twosome. We'd like to think that House of Style solidified their BFFL status, but other iconic moments together included storming the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and landing individual covers for W Magazine's July issue. With a glowing (and growing) CV, it comes as no surprise that BOTH Karlie and Joan ranked among Vogue's top 10 featured models for 2012.

Karlie snagged the top spot for the second time in her career, proving herself both versatile and distinctive in a plate full of features and covers. Vogue saw Karlie through some of her year’s big moments, from her buzzworthy haircut to her Summer Olympics spread with the country’s top male athletes (which consequently sparked a friendship with our favorite/the only grill-wearing swimmer Ryan Lochte). Joan became a formidable Vogue presence when she scored a hat-trick at the magazine, gracing the covers of Italia, Australia and Turkey. Joan of course locked in a #1 of her own this year as the world's top model according to Models.com. As the start of 2013 wraps up a slew of best-of lists and year-end superlatives, we have to say we're pretty proud of this one.

{via Fashionista}


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