The Ultimate New Year's Eve Beauty Survival Kit

Clockwise from left: mini nail files, a thin wallet, Benefit's Posiepal, Chapstick, and long-wearing concealer.
Photo: Tweezerman/Wintercheck Factory/Benefit/Chapstick/Make Up For Ever

If you're going out on New Years Eve you're probably carrying a clutch or small purse, because seriously, who wants a big bag getting in your way when you're are simultaneously counting down to 2013 and trying to kiss your date? Unfortunately fancy bags are about the size of Cindarella's glass slipper and hold things just as effectively, so we have to think efficiently when packing our purses. Along with a couple $20's in case your debit card falls out of your bag, and your debit card in case your cash falls out of your bag, here are the most important items to put in your cramped clutch!

1. Band-Aid Fabric Tough Strips. These are the best band-aids to protect your feet because they are strong and won't peel off when you are dancing to Call Me Maybe.

2. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer. It's super slim and perfect for touch-ups throughout the night.

3. A thin wallet, like the William Wallet from Wintercheck Factory, so neither your debit card OR your cash falls out of your bag! These wallets are strong, sleek, and don't have stupid little butterflies on them.

4. Benefit PosiePal Lip and Cheek Stain. Kill two birds with one stone. NOT LITERALLY GUYS, just be able to use one product to touch up your cheeks and your lips. It will save room in your bag for other things, hopefully your phone, not dead birds.

5. Two hair ties, like Goodie Ouchless Hair Elastics. You never know when you'll want to get your hair off your face OR when your best friend will start profusely sweating during an intense dance-off. Bring an extra hair ties, be a hero. Friends don't let friends overheat.

6. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, because there's no such thing as your eyeliner looking too perfect.

7. Chapstick, for those of us who don't like lip gloss, but also don't like having dry lips.

8. Mini nail files, like these, or a mini nail clipper in case you crack your long talon nails, you don't have to worry about snagging and ripping it on some girls sequined dress. Ouch, I gave myself chills just writing that.

All the items above are teeny-tiny and should leave plenty of room for your most important item, your phone! If there's one thing we should have learned this year it's this: Don't leave home without the ability to Instagram.