Tour Natalia Kills' Closet In New Video From Stylelikeu

Natalia Kills.
Photo: Stylelikeu

In the sartorial sea of pop starlets clad in mini-dresses made of deli meat, whipped cream squirting brassieres, and, duh, many an MDMA-y sea punk lewk, there's still hope for the return of the classically badass, pre-Tumblr pop star (see: Madonna circa "Vogue", Janet circa daisy dukes/natural curls/top-free). I promise. And I'm here to tell you why aka I just had to escape the family Christmas dinner for a minute or twenty tbh. Shout out to my cheeky British BFF and Interscope Recording artist Natalia Kills who, fyi, is smize-ing in the dictionary alongside the word “glamazon”. *Snaps gum* With a penchant for vintage Chanel bling/leather form-fitting everythang/a life-changing ponytail (in addition to making my credit card convulse on our spontaneous shopping sprees), the bonafide diva kills it (sry, had to) wherever she goes with her rebellious ways and fashion numbers (see: receiving a ticket for "inappropriate attire" whilst getting her shop on at the Dubai Mall). Expect even more killing it from Kills with the upcoming release of her aptly titled album, Trouble, produced mainly by Jeff Bhasker (whose werk probs made you eargasm from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Beyonce, Kanye, oh my!) and overflowing with demented pop gems/sultry synth-heavy songs that will result in both nightmares and wet dreams. She's multi-talented, you guys. Til then, we here at MTV Style have got y’all a very amazing belated X-Mas pressy...! Our fashion-y friends over at the immaculate blog known as StyleLikeU have given us an exclusive premiere documenting their recent hangout with Kills… in her walk-in drool-inducing closet. *J'Dead* Spoiler Alert: There's a Kills-strutting-in-a-slew-of-Walter-Steiger pumps moment. There's Kills being brilliant whilst dishing about the inspiration behind her amazing new song “Controversy” and album. Oh, and -- get out your iPad -- there's also Kills teaching us common folk ways to be drop dead gorgeous and flaw-free and goddess-like. Did I mention I chit-chatted with NK about her style icons and fancying neoprene? There's that too. Do you feel the sartorial spirit or whuttttt? Our gift to you... after the jump!

MTV Style: Hi Kills! So, if you could go shopping with any of your style icons, who would it be and why?

Natalia Kills: I'd like to go shopping with Ginger from the film "Casino"… we have similar taste: gold bracelets, Cartier rings, vintage Rolex, mink coats and ponytails…

What is your most meaningful fashion possession?

When I was 17 or 18 I was starving broke and sleeping on my friend's floor in London for a year or so. When I finally got my first check for songwriting, I went to Harrods and bought a vintage Versace jacket from the last collection made before he died. I still wear it quite often… it's my favorite piece.

What's your most recent obsession?

I just bought the Vivienne Westwood Doris purse in metallic purple crocodile print! Obsessed!

Have you ever gotten into any trouble (hehe) due to something salacious you were or were not wearing?

I'm usually at the airport 3 or 4 times a week, but I refuse to look like I'm wearing pajamas or sweatpants. So I'm always in trouble for holding up the security line while I take off all of my jewelry and hats. And I ALWAYS beep when I go through the metal detector. Literally. Always.

You do quite a lot of traveling…what/where are your favorite spots to get your shop on?

I live in New York at the moment and Bergdorf Goodman is only a few blocks away… I could go wild in the shoe department!!

What is your favorite fabric to wear?

I've been wearing a lot of neoprene recently, but I like snakeskin and black leather too.

Favorite scent?

My boyfriend's neck.

Get it, gurl. You’re perpetually flaw-free, which brings me to ask...what were your favorite fashion moments from your music videos so far?

I love my preppy leather "cheerleader/glamor goth" outfit in the "CONTROVERSY" video, and it was fun wearing so many looks in the "Free" video too.

You need to tell me about your obsession with gold chains and jewelry aka can I borrow a gilded vintage Chanel chain or three?

I don't know where I got it from! I'm quite sure I'm the reincarnation of Cleopatra.

And lastly...Natalia Kills would never be caught dead wearing:

Uggs. Crocs. "Sharpie"-thin eyebrows.

Natalia Kills (Clean Version) from StyleLikeU Editor on Vimeo.

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