MTV Style's 2013 New Year's Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year from MTV Style!.
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We once heard that the way you spend New Year's Eve is the way you're going to spend the rest of the year, and let us tell you, it put a whole lot of pressure on the holiday. Making sure you have the right dress, the right shoes, the right party, and the right cutie to kiss at midnight can be a lot of work for a moment that goes by in the blink of an eye and a flash of confetti. Nevertheless, we love it, and totally buy into the whole New Year New Start vibe of the holiday as well. No, we're not going on juice cleanses or joining gyms, swearing off the occasional french fry lunch in the lodge, but we ARE making some serious commitments to overhaul our sartorial situations come 2013. We spend A LOT of time thinking about clothes, whether they're on our favorite MTV Style stars, on our readers, or on ourselves, but there isn't one of us who doesn't feel like they're in at least a little bit of a rut. Check out our New Year's Style resolutions after the jump, and add your own in the comments!

Ease up on the oversized clothing: The minute I found out the oversized look was trending beyond the occasional Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen red carpet sighting, I was WAY on board. Perhaps a little too on board. Maybe I'm alone on this one, but I've since gotten into the habit of centering every outfit around one major boyfriend-style piece whether that's a printed XXL crewneck sweater or a great pair of roomy slacks. Or, you know, both at once. #addictedtocomfort It's fine every once in a while, but (a) it's to the point where I'm one bad morning away from rolling up to work in a monochromatic sweatsuit (NOT the Rihanna kind), and (b) there are just too many fantastic bodycon options out there to ignore. Here's to wearing more clothes that actually fit in 2013! - Gaby Wilson

Wear everything in my closet at least once: I’m one of those people who has an overflowing closet-not exaggerating, it’s literally BULGING- but still, every day I complain that I have nothing to wear. This problem is partially because I have too many clothes, period. It’s also because I can’t find the outfits that I actually do want to wear, because they’re buried under all the random unworn stuff I bought on a whim/when I was bored/because it was on sale. So this year I’m being ruthless and forcing myself to wear everything in my closet at least once. That way I can really go through all my clothes, decide what I like, and if I’m TRULY too embarrassed to wear a piece out in public (ahem, like my bright blue high-waisted flares…) then that means it’s time to donate. After all, the best dressed women are often the ones with the most-edited wardrobes. - Liza Darwin

Switch up the go-to black liquid eyeliner: OK, I wear the same makeup basically every single day: Bold brows, black cat eye liquid liner, and mascara on the top and lower lashes. I never wear eyeshadow, and sometimes I'll wear a bold red or hot pink lip, but that's about IT. I knowingly need to switch-up my makeup game ASAP before I become "that" girl, so here's what I'm gonna *try* to do in 2013: Wear color around my eyes. I'm shuddering just thinking about it. I think that eyeshadow isn't the solution, so here's what I'm going to do--swap out my black liquid liner with a color. Think: Bright blue, shocking purple, or bold green. This way, I can still get the same lifting eye effect from the cat eyeliner, but at least now it won't be the oh-so-boring black. Baby steps, y'all! - Chrissy Mahlmeister

Take more fashion risks, while refining my uniform: Earlier this year, I figured out my fall/winter uniform: Black pleated miniskirt, comfy sweater, black tights and boots of some fashion. Sometimes I'll wear jeans or leggings or a dress, maybe, but it's pretty much that black pleated skirt, everyday. There was a period, oh, two months ago when I wore it so much that Mary once gave me the side-eye and asked if I had been wearing it for a month straight (yeah, pretty much). Recently I got a black velvet skirt, you know, to switch it up. I also have a wool version, for when it's REALLY cold. In 2013, I'm going to keep up with my uniform, because, well, I like it, but I'm also going to take more risks, wear less black, accessorize more boldly, the whole nine, because having a signature look doesn't mean looking boring. - Maud Deitch

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