A$AP Rocky Talks Ann Demeulemeester, Sets Dress Rumors Straight On 'Week In Jams'

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky sits down for MTV2's "Week In Jams."
Photo: MTV

A$AP Rocky has said it once, but in this clip from Week In Jams, he's saying it again: he didn't wear a dress on 106 & Park. In this short Week In Jams sneak peek, A$AP sits down with Charlemagne, DJ Envy, and Sofi Green and sets the record straight once and for all. "Alright, let me break it down. That was not a Rick Owens dress," Rocky says when Charlemagne starts things off with the much buzzed about outfit, "It's not a man's dress, none of that. It's just an oversized shirt. It was long sleeved. The picture that [blogs] were putting with it was the tank top one, so it looks really, extra, more feminine."

A$AP Rocky

A$AP wore a piece from Ann Demeulemeester's Men's Fall 2012 collection on BET's "106 & Park."
Photo: Getty Images

We found a similar style to Rocky's on Far Fetch, and can DOUBLY co-sign that this is, in fact, a long sleeve shirt. Charlemagne, on the other hand, keeps prodding, asking why he'd wear it if he already knew it was a little feminine. And then we get into our favorite part of the baaaaarely one minute clip: A$AP goes hard in the paint in the name of fashion. "I love Ann Demeulemeester," Rocky says before lobbing up a knowledge bomb that explodes all over this Week In Jams interview, "She's a Belgian designer, came up with some of my favorite designers: Raf Simons, Maison Martin Margiela, so that's my s***." Uhh, I think I speak for all of MTV Style here when I say that A$AP SCHOOLING these dudes is definitely our s***. Check it all unfold for yourself in the video below!


A$AP Rocky Puts Charlemagne & DJ Envy Onto A New Fashion Trend

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